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Song Y., Yuan G.S, Wu Q.F, Situ G., Liang C.F, Qin H., Chen J.H.  2023.  Change in Microbial Metabolic Quotient Under Biochar Amendment Was Associated with Soil Organic Carbon Quality, Microbial Community Composition, and Enzyme Activity in Bulk and Rhizosphere Soils in an Acid Rice Paddy. Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition. :14.
Hammerschmiedt T., Holatko J., Zelinka R., Kintl A., Skarpa P., Bytesnikova Z., Richtera L., Mustafa A., Malicek O., Brtnicky M..  2023.  The combined effect of graphene oxide and elemental nano-sulfur on soil biological properties and lettuce plant biomass. Frontiers in Plant Science. 14:10.
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Dansereau-Macias E., Despland E., Handa I.T.  2023.  Decreased Soil Microbial Biomass and Changed Microbial Community Composition following a Defoliation Event by the Forest Tent Caterpillar. Forests. 14:12.
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Atai E., Jumbo R.B, Cowley T., Azuazu I., Coulon F., Pawlett M..  2023.  Efficacy of bioadmendments in reducing the influence of salinity on the bioremediation of oil-contaminated soil. Science of The Total Environment. 892:13.
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Wang S., Hoang D.TT, Luu A.T, Mostafa T., Razavi B.S.  2023.  Environmental memory of microbes regulates the response of soil enzyme kinetics to extreme water events: Drought-rewetting-flooding. Geoderma. 437:11.
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Schmitz D, Girardi J, Ullrich E, Muñoz-Sepulveda K, Bundschuh M, Riess K, Schirmel J.  2023.  Fallopia japonica and Impatiens glandulifera are colonized by species-poor root-associated fungal communities but have minor impacts on soil properties in riparian habitats. Biological Invasions. 25:2199-2218.
Holatko J., Hammerschmiedt T., Kucerik J., Kintl A., Baltazar T., Malicek O., Latal O., Brtnicky M..  2023.  Fertilisation of permanent grasslands with digestate and its effect on soil properties and sustainable biomass production. European Journal of Agronomy. 149:9.
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Martinez-Toledo A., Gonzalez-Mille D.J, Briones-Gallardo R., Carrizalez-Yanez L., Martinez-Montoya J.F, Mejia-Saavedra J.D, Ilizaliturri-Hernandez C.A.  2023.  Functioning of semi-arid soils under long-term mining activity with trace elements at high concentrations. Catena. 222:11.
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Dorrough J., Val J., Travers S.K, Wilson B., Eldridge D.J, Carrillo Y., Nielsen U.N, Powell J.R, Wilks G., McPherson P. et al..  2023.  Integrated analysis of aboveground and belowground indicators support a comprehensive evaluation of ecosystem recovery. Restoration Ecology. 31:16.
Azziz G., Frade C., Igual J.M, del Pino A., Lezama F., Valverde A..  2023.  Legume Overseeding and P Fertilization Increases Microbial Activity and Decreases the Relative Abundance of AM Fungi in Pampas Natural Pastures. Microorganisms. 11:14.
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Allingham S.M, Nwaishi F.C, Andersen R., Lamit L.J, Elliott D.R.  2023.  Microbial communities and biogeochemical functioning across peatlands in the Athabasca Oil Sands region of Canada: Implications for reclamation and management. Land Degradation & Development. 34:1504-1521.
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Adedayo A.A, Fadiji A.E, Babalola O.O.  2023.  Quantifying the Respiratory Pattern of Rhizosphere Microbial Communities in Healthy and Diseased Tomato Plants Using Carbon Substrates. Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition. 23:6485-6496.