Description of the MicroResp™ Components

Starter Kit

MicroResp Starter Kit - (C) The James Hutton Institute The kit contains everything you need to get started with MicroResp™. It has one of each component - MicroResp™ Seal+, Filling Device, Clamp, Technical Manual, and includes 5 Deepwell plates, 5 microplates and 1 MicroStrip plate. The kit does not contain any chemicals or media associated with the method.

Order code: 001


MicroResp™ Seal

MicroResp Seal This is a two-way rubber mat+ that provides the connection between the Detection plate and the Deepwell plate.  This unique mat allows the movement of gas evolved from the samples in the Deepwell plate to the detection plate above.

Order Code: 002


Filling Device

MicroResp Filling Device This piece of equipment has been laser cut to allow easy and reproducible filling of your solid test material (e.g. soil, sediment) into the Deepwell plate. The filling device is placed over the top of the Deepwell plate and a sliding tray stops the solid material from falling through while it is being filled. The volume of each well is approximately 400 µL.

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MicroResp Clamp The metal clamp holds the MicroResp™ system together to ensure an even and continual connection during the incubation period.

Order Code: 004


Technical Manual

MicroResp Manual The technical manual describes the protocols (colorimetric* and 14C detection) for measuring carbon dioxide evolved from carbon amendments using an assay time of 6 hours and for soils <pH 7. It also contains advice for calibration and the calculations used to convert the absorbance values to %CO2.

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+Colour may vary from illustration.

*For the colorimetric method, all the calculations have been determined using a Emax microplate reader (Molecular Devices, USA) and a 570 nm filter.  This methodology can be adapted to suit any experimental schedule, microplate reader and most filter wavelengths although re-calibration is required.