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MicroResp™ components are only available for purchase from us.

To place an order please download the order form and e-mail to the MicroResp™ team.


MicroResp Starter Kit MicroResp Seal MicroResp Filling Device MicroResp Clamp MicroResp Manual
Starter Kit Seal Filling Device Clamp Manual v3
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Prices are exclusive of VAT and postage & packaging.

Only Starter Kits contain microplates and deepwell plates, additional supplies can be obtained from Fisher Scientific:

  • Deepwell plate: part no. 12114172 (also available from ABgene: AB-0564)
  • Microplate: part no. 12607755
  • Microplate strip (1 x 8 breakable): part no. 10557915

We are investigating licensing the product for mass manufacture and welcome enquiries from any interested parties.